1001 Guide Cover Page Ayer Keroh Tourist Spot Illustrated Guide Mc Donald's - "Free Mc Nuggets" Semabok Inn Hotel - "RM50 per room" Famosa Chicken Rice Ball -"Free Cabbage Tom Yam" Crocodile Park - "Free Child ticket" Melaka Zoo - "Free Child ticket" Mc Donald's - "Free McEgg Muffin" Bee Life Honey - "Free Honey" Grand Continental Hotel - "RM115 Nett per room" Gemspot & Body Trinkets - "Free Mystery gift" Africa Ostrich Park - "Buy 1 ticket, get 1 Free" Auyun Hill Resort - "50% Off entrance ticket" Peacock Paradise Bird Park - "Buy 1 ticket, get 1 Free" Melaka Net - Malacca premier tourist web portal Malacca Pier - "Good food, Great views" Ayer Keroh Go Cart - "Free Laps" Melaka road map Tanjung Kling road map Ayer Keroh Illustrated Guide & Map

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